Thursday, March 20, 2008

Less is more

Mies Van Der Rohe said it and I believe it—really I do—but it's a hard concept to live by. It is something I have been telling myself almost daily as I sort through a lifetime accumulation of stuff in preparation for our move to a house that is smaller than the one we are currently occupying. I am pleased with my progress. I am taking huge bags to Goodwill nearly daily now.

Part of my purge has been disposing of the collection of old sewing gadgets and notions and stuff that I accumulated for years. I had a box of old wooden thread spools, some with thread, some without. I always thought I might do something with them, but never did. When I was making birds awhile back someone sent me a link to Abby Glassenberg's blog. Abby lives clear across the country in Massachusetts and makes incredible fabric birds. I was enchanted and read back through her blog. I noticed that she had at least one bird sitting on a wooden spool and in the accompanying blog entry she mentioned that her supply of old spools was getting regrettably low. Perfect. I sent her my box of spools. She seemed quite pleased and sent, in return, a small collection of fabrics from her stash, something I will certainly use. Less IS more.

Aren't these wonderful?

Especially this one!
I am putting the concept into practice in other ways as well. My original plan for Sofia's 1-year-old quilt included a border appliqued with flowers and leaves and butterflies and dragonflies.

As soon as I got this much pinned I knew it wasn't going to happen. Really, the center pieced section is so pretty (if I do say so myself) that it doesn't need the distraction of a lot of stuff around the border. Also, on a practical note, it was probably going to take me another year to get the border done and I want my baby to be able to have her quilt and use it. So the solution was to quilt the border design.

I even quilted a semi-secret message in the border. Can you see it? Probably not. It says, "For Sofia with love from your Grandma Terry"

I may be getting the hang of this "less is more" business.


  1. Great trade! Sophia's quilt is wonderful too. I like the subtle quilted flowers as much as the appliqued ones. I also have that less is more dilemma. I like my stuff, but I like the concept of spartan simplicity. Arghhh.

  2. Blogging sometimes brings us the best treasures and trades.
    Sofia's quilt is so pretty.

  3. lucky girl, i'm sure she will treasure her quilt all her life!