Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ripped from the headlines . . .

How cool to find my friend, June's, picture in the bottom corner of the front page of the Metro section of today's Oregonian. She has been terrorizing her neighborhood again—er, painting her neighborhood again. Actually the picture and caption were just to illustrate the beautiful spring weather we are finally getting here in Portland. I love the picture. It is perfectly June-ish—casting a critical eye on her work.


  1. That photo looks like a painting!! It was fun to discover her while enjoying my morning coffee.

  2. Anonymous6:17 PM

    I thought the fellow who chatted me up was one of Hawthorne's, ahem, regulars -- when he said he was from the Oregonian, I said to myself, yeah, right.....

    When he asked my name, I looked around to make sure I had back-up if necessary -- and gave him my card because it felt safer. Don't ask me why -- it just did. So when the paper showed up on my place at breakfast, I was definitely bemused. So much for artist's intuition.

    I do like the orange graffiti and the orange tool box. Nice composition.

  3. How cool is that? This is like icing on the cake since being turned on to June and Jer's beautiful blog.