Sunday, July 12, 2009


Not all of the fabric that we made at our play day last week turned out great, but if I have learned anything from Rayna it is that you just keep working at it and trying something new.

My plan for this piece was to make a piece of fabric that I could make a bird from. I centered some leaves on the wings that I had marked on the fabric, but the print was smudgy and not clear, so they look like light blobs instead of leaves. So I carved a little leaf stamp to use over those blobs.

Better. I may add something more to this.

I decided to use the leaf stamp on another piece that was a total sunprint failure.

I wanted to make a group of overlapping leaves, so I started by stamping the first group of three leaves. I stamped one image on a piece of freezer paper and cut out several leaves from the freezer paper, which I ironed over the first stamped leaves. Then I stamped two more leaves that overlapped the original three. The freezer paper blocked the second set of leaves from the fabric where the first leaves were.

Then I moved the freezer paper leaves and stamped more, until I had this little collection of overlapping leaves.

This is a pretty slick trick. I think this piece of fabric will definitely get some more paint before it is ready to be used for anything.


  1. Slick indeed - I must remember that!

  2. Very clever, and great results.

  3. Freezer paper is so awesome!

  4. Anonymous9:48 AM

    I could have written you privately but wanted to share ...... I just got home from time with the grandbabies and Margarita bird was waiting for me. Perfect!!! Beautifully made and is only missing your signature and date somewhere. She is a delightful addition to our new home. Sue

  5. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Correction.......I found the signature and date .....blame it on the old eyes please. Or the Florida heat. Sorry.

  6. Those leaves look like a wing ready to take flight...