Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Too hot

I know the weather is a pretty boring topic, but I can't think of much else right now. We are in the middle of a heatwave here in Portland. We seldom have really high temperatures and we usually brag about how pleasant Portland summers are, but this week we are sweltering.

I am staying indoors and drinking cold beverages—mostly ice water and iced tea. It really does help. I moved on this afternoon from regular iced tea to iced barley tea. Have you ever tried it? I learned about it when it was served at the opening reception for one of our High Fiber Diet Japanese Garden shows. Not really tea, it is a tisane made from roasted barley. It has a nice nutty flavor that reminds me a bit of toasted sesame seeds and is quite refreshing, non-caffeinated and not as tannic/acidic as black tea. It is common in Japan and supposedly increases the fluidity of the blood (whatever that means) and decreases stress. I drink it because it quenches my thirst and keeps me hydrated. I buy it at Uwajimaya in Beaverton.

We do not have air conditioning, so I close up the house in the early morning, then open up windows later when the outside temperature is cooler. It's pretty hot. My outside thermometer reads 110°, but it is right in the sun. I think it is only about 107° F! A bit cooler inside. I'd love to go find someplace air-conditioned to hang out, but I am trying to finish a project with a deadline. I am making birds and writing instructions and drafting a pattern. The bird pattern will be published in a magazine later this year, which is exciting! I will let you know more details, closer to its publication. Meanwhile I am writing and sewing and moving slowly and drinking cold beverages and hoping today is the peak of the wave. Here's a little bird preview.


  1. Bird pattern, yay! (Which reminds me, I need you to come over here and adjust Darcy's legs. You are certified in avian chiropractic, aren't you?)

  2. Sending my sympathies for the heat and hopes for cooler days soon. At least we have ac down here in Texas where we get weeks of the 100+ stuff. I love your birds and will look forward to seeing them published.

  3. It was over 100 here for more than a's cooled down to a nice 95 today!! Hope you cool down soon...

    Yay on the bird pattern...will have to buy the mag (whichever one it is) once it comes out..those birds are very cute!

  4. I first had barley tea served by a young person who is half Korean. We meditate together and occasionally have a potluck where we can actually speak!

    I think of you every time I pass Joseph bird, who has taken up a perch in the living room of my house.

  5. Oh, I just hate that hot uncomfortable feeling. We didn't have AC in Maine and there were a few days when it was very uncomfortable. Of course, in TX we have the AC on from March to Nov.