Friday, July 03, 2009


I just listed 8 new birds on my Etsy shop. I also listed 6 of the heavy glass coasters like the ones I made for my friends for Christmas this past year. I hate a lightweight coaster that sticks to your glass when you pick it up. These are nice and heavy and won't do that. Besides, they are like a little piece of tabletop art.

Yesterday was really hot. I was in my sewing room finishing up the last two birds and Ray was about to make dinner, but before he did, he presented me with a frosty margarita to reward my hard work and just because it was so darn hot. He set it down next to the bird I was just finishing up and the margarita and the bird were a near perfect match, colorwise! Since I was right up to the letter "M" in my naming process, it was a no-brainer. Meet Margarita, the bird. She and her friends are waiting to fly home with someone.


  1. Oof! Now I am craving a margarita!!

  2. Love it! Margaritas are Jerry's default cocktail.

  3. Terry, your birds are breath taking. Penelope of course, is my favourite.