Friday, July 31, 2009

It's all relative

We slept with the windows open last night and eventually there was a cool breeze. At some point I pulled the sheet up over me. The best sleeping in nearly a week. The morning house was cool and dark and quiet. A little sunshine dappled the carpet in the den and the kitchen tiles felt cool under my bare feet.

The heat has had me feeling crazed and desperate and a little bit snappier than usual, so today has been blessedly pleasant. It was somewhere around 93° this afternoon, which would have been too hot normally, but not when it is a drop of 10° from the day before. It's all relative.

In the morning the 12 x 12 "Passion" pieces will start appearing on the 12 x 12 blog. I can hardly wait to see what this theme inspired. Join me there!


  1. A cool breeze makes all the difference. The summer heat where I am would be unbearable (to me) were it not for the trade winds that cool everything off each night so we can start each day fresh.

  2. how odd it is that while you all are sweltering, here in Colorado we just set a record for the coolest high temperature ever --- must be that whole climate change thing

    found you from the AQS magazine --- loved your work there, and really like your blog too!

    you'll be on my "must read" list

  3. Yeah! I totally understand.

    Hey, my word verification is "fibre." How great is that?!

  4. I hope the heat lets up soon. It's oppressive in a place that's not used to it.