Saturday, November 07, 2009

Art Every Day, Day 6

Well, yes, I know it is actually Day 7 and I have missed some days, but yesterday was Day 6 and this is what I did yesterday. Are you beginning to understand that this Art Every Day thing taxes my ability to be consistent from one day to the next? It apparently does, but I will do what I can do!

So, there were a number of readers who felt that my bird piece should not be cropped, but rather worked on at the size and format it currently exists in. That sort of challenge sounded good to me. When I looked at it again it seemed maybe the pale green print was just wimpy and wispy and didn't support the rest of the stuff. So I did some painting on it. The print literally disappeared. The writing nearly disappeared. The pattern created by the wrinkles of the quilting is wierd. The color is OK.

Something more needs to be done. Or less—except it's too late for that! I have an idea. Could be disastrous, but at this point that is perfectly OK with me. It has become an experiment and a learning opportunity at this point.


  1. It's perfect. I am often at an amazed loss for words when I see your work. Simple and sublime, eloquent and eerie all in one held breath.

  2. I agree with Deb. Let space work!

  3. I like this version too. From where I sit, that background looks like a watery window or like it is a really lit up landscape. Not to get too weird but it also reminds me of a portal to elsewhere. It also reminded me of this post and technique:

  4. Just remember "It's only fabric" as my friend Tommy says.