Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Getting ready

I started getting ready for our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. I make the cranberry salad the day before so it sets. I have made this every year. Just like my Mom did. I'm pretty sure my sister is making it today too.

It is so pretty and so fresh and tart—really delicious. And we always hope for leftovers because it goes so well with a turkey sandwich the next day. I posted the recipe here, four years ago.

The rest of the cooking happens tomorrow. The leaves are in the table and tonight I spread the festive tablecloth from Ecuador on the table. I love to set the table for Thanksgiving. It gets me in the mood.

I am thankful for so many things—my family, my friends most of all. Thankful that my daughter is a great pie maker and is making so much of the Thanksgiving dinner. Thankful that my children and grandchild will be sitting at my table tomorrow. Thankful for the beautiful weather we've had this week. Thankful for the many gifts of friendship and opportunity the internet and this blog have given me. Thankful that I will be seeing old friends that I shared a memorable Thanksgiving with many years ago.

Earlier today my daughter posted this video on Facebook. It is the amazing Mercedes Sosa, who died last month, singing Thank you to Life. My Spanish is not good enough to understand all the words, but the beauty of the music expresses a feeling of gratitude that I connected with. I hope you will enjoy it, too. Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Thanks so much for posting this Mercedes Sosa video. I've nbever heard of her, but I enjoyed her song very much. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Susan LT6:03 AM

    Lovely post. I'm thankful for being able to connect with you.

  3. Hi Terry, Happy Thanksgiving! I made my first bird from your tutorial in the Quilt Fest Magazine and posted it in my blog
    Your project is adorable and you are such a talented artist!
    Alexandra Alcantara

  4. Happy day to you and yours.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Terry. My Mom made this cranberry orange sauce every year. I loved it by the spoonful.
    Thanks for the gift of this amazingly touching music. So sad to lose such rich, vibrant voice. I love her music-so full of passion and depth.

  6. AMAZING! My family is in Boise for favorite cranberry salad is the one you have posted, but my mom forgot the receipe! We were fumbling aroung trying to remember, and thought that it might have been posted on your blog...and voila! There was the cranberry salad at the top! You SAVED us! How serendipitous! Have a wonderful day!

  7. The translation of Gracias a la Vida is posted here:

    Thanks to you (and your daughter) for posting this lovely video.


  8. Aren't cranberries a beautiful color? I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful.