Thursday, November 05, 2009

Well, not every day...

I am only on day 5 of the Art Every Day challenge and already I have missed a day and probably another today. But I have an excuse. My friend Muriel is visiting and we are having adventures. Hey, maybe that is a kind of art! Yeah, I think it is!

Last night we went to see the movie Where The Wild Things Are. If you watch the trailer at the youtube link you will get a sense of the movie. I thought it was quite beautiful and touching. Really not a movie for children, though I think it might resonate for older children who think deeply and/or might be going through some of the same things the character of Max is going through. Childhood can be so hard, especially when parents split up, have their own problems, children feel invisible and helpless, and the world is full of bad and scary news. And beautiful too, when a child finds his voice and his inner courage. This movie is a thinker. The music is wonderful and one of the things I really loved were the twig creations of the wild things. Reminiscent of Andy Goldsworthy and even more so, Patrick Dougherty.

Well, I am off on more adventures today. If I take my camera along it should count as art today, don't you think?


  1. Well Terry....are you thinking that art can only be tangible...some of my most moving experiences of art have been listening to music performed, and quite often by street musicans, in the cold and I certainly think the interaction you are having with Muriel would qualify for "preformance", I bet you are being think, to laugh, to cry, and isn't that really what art is all about. SO yes, I think you are still on track to complete art everyday for 30 days without stretching the definition beyond the challenge's intent.

  2. And just to extend jeri's comment a bit -- compose a photo. It'll do you good.

  3. Getting ideas from art contributes to more art, so yeah, taking pictures should be ok.

    Thank you for the review of Wild Things, I will pass it on to my son...maybe he can take his daughter to see Planet 51 instead!