Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Lots of sewing advice comments on yesterday's post! Yes, I was probably dumb not to have washed the red duck before I sewed the cushions. It did cross my mind and I just got impatient and trusting. Okay. I know better than that and yes, I will wash the teal linen before I cut into it. And check it for stains and other goobers. No, I will not make a muslin. I'm like Del. If I had to make a muslin before I made clothing I would never make clothing. It is a very simple, unstructured pattern and I will measure twice and cut once. I've made a lot of clothes and only made muslins a couple of times. I took a great pattern fitting and adjusting class in college and when I am patient and careful I do a pretty good job. I will be patient and careful. I will be patient and careful...

With all the rain we've had this spring, and now a little good sunshine, the flowers are pretty spectacular. Even here in our cluttered, "in progress" garden, there are spots of wonder and delight. We've never had a lot of luck growing lupines before, until this year. I just love these!

Last week I was out in the yard and a hummingbird darted past me, dipped, dove, hovered, checked out everything and was off—nothing here for him, I guess. So we dug out the hummingbird feeder, cleaned it up, made nectar and it waits for hummingbirds to find it, dripping gently in anticipation. (is there such a thing as a hummingbird feeder that doesn't drip? And I don't mean one of those plastic numbers...)

I have been waiting, anticipating, the time when I could finally enjoy the batik-shaded, solar lantern that I made months ago. It really is pretty and glow-y out there.

I was back at the fabric store again today helping my daughter select fabric to recover her rocking chair. It will be cute and bright and ready for the new baby.  Just a little more than a month away. We are all keeping busy .Waiting. Anticipating.


  1. Such an exciting time for you all awaiting another beautiful child.

    I wish that I had paid attention- I could have learned to sew garments from my Grandmother who was a seamstress. Even expensive clothing today is not well made or finished properly.I've been spoiled by seeing what a well-made garment looks and feels like.

  2. I finally gave up on the picturesque hummingbird feeders, and went for one of the plastic saucer-shaped ones. It does not drip.

  3. Like you, I would never get any sewing done if I used a muslin. Over the years I have only used it once and that was when I was combining two patterns so I could make an attractive dress(es) for my aunt.