Wednesday, February 22, 2012


This is what made me happy today.

Watching birds at the feeder. Do you think he was posing there for me? Or pooping? As you can see, he wouldn't be the first. Pretty, though.

On my way to the studio I popped into the greenhouse to see what Ray has been up to.

When I came in from the studio tonight I was pretty happy to see the solar path lights were lighted. That means the sun shone today. Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking when I bought solar lights.


  1. interesting about the lights. I thought it was grey here in the UK, but I guess we get enough sun to light the solar lights! :)

    Is it because of the tall trees as well do you think? Ours have the little solar panels in the top of each one.

    The polyanthus look good. will he put them outdoors soon? our winter was so mild this year that ours started showing again about December!
    Sandy in the UK

  2. ah primula! I love them but never seem to get them home alive from the grocery store florist.

    Those solar lights? "Hope" was the though..I've done the same thing even though the sun only shines on the front walkway for only a few days a year.

  3. Anonymous6:10 AM

    The answer is: You didn't need to trench in electricity! (smile). The bird photo is wonderful. Do I detect a beautiful quilt in the future?????

  4. How wonderful to be able to have a greenhouse full of all this color as well as a bird posing for you! Great Photograph.

  5. I am sure that bird was posing for you. I love watching the birds. It is nice living with many trees around so you must have many birds like I do.

  6. I love the little primroses. I have had the good fortune to have the little sad wilty ones come up again on their own the following year so I ahve them in the garden.

    We also bought solar lights. They sit in full "sun" but come on only for a short flickery bit in the evening. The other day they were full on for quite a while - must have had some actual sun - like today!

  7. Primroses! I love them too!!

    Great bird photo....and I love the roof of that feeder, poop and all.