Friday, March 17, 2017

Cuba: The beautiful

In the two weeks since our return from Cuba, we have pored over our photos, and remembered, again and again, every moment. We agree it was, maybe, our best trip ever. We have realized how little we knew and that what preconceived ideas we had didn't quite line up with reality. We went with open minds and hearts and realize that our brief time, while enlightening in many ways, was a mere glimpse of a complex culture. What I keep remembering, though, are moments of grace and beauty, that are a thread, a theme. Art, in all its incarnations, is, it seems, Cuba's heart. Music everywhere. Not the kind of elevator music we experience in our "everywhere" but real, live, excellent music—the violinist in the breakfast room, the guitarist in the square, the combo on the patio, the chamber orchestra in the museum.

Art everywhere—

In Havana we visited a professional dance company, housed in a derelict old building with boarded up windows and dangerous stairs, but the young dancers thrilled and amazed

In Cienfuegos we fell in love with a company of children carrying forward traditional dance of Cuba.

In Santa Clara, Senior Citizens taught us the basics of traditional Cuban danzón.

Most beautiful, in Cuba, are the people. Did you expect them to be downtrodden, heavily burdened by an oppressive system, suffering? I confess, I kind of did expect that, but it is not what I saw. What I saw was a vibrant spirit, humor, intelligence, pride and an enthusiasm for life.

And for natural beauty, it is just hard to beat a tropical island.

So, I will finish my Cuba posts with this iconic Cuban image—Havana sunset along the Malecon.

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  1. Loved this series of posts!

  2. Thanks, Terry for all the wonderful photos of was a great travel adventure to see.

  3. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for sharing your trip with us through words and images. You have such a non-touristy perspective; a real appreciation for and desire to know the people and culture where you visit.

  5. I really enjoyed your travelogue. Thank you.

  6. I enjoyed your trip very much. Thanks for taking us along!