Monday, March 27, 2017

Escaping the gray

I love Oregon. I love Portland. There is no place I would rather live, truly. But...

In normal years February is oppressively gray. Rain, yes, but mostly it is the gray sky and dim, dusty light of February that makes it such a hard month to get through. But we get through it. This year it has essentially been February since last October. It has been the grayest, rainiest, snowiest, and seemingly the longest, winter in recorded memory. It has rained (or snowed) almost every day up to, and including today. Going anywhere outside one's own house became pure misery. But Saturday morning I had had enough. The sun was out—who knew for how long— and I needed to get out! I had not been downtown in a longtime. The last time was when, in a similar fit of cabin fever I had discovered a new-to-me art store. I had not visited my favorite inspirational store, Cargo, since it moved across the river, so it seemed like a worthy adventure to track it down. I confess I seldom buy anything there—it's more like a museum experience for me, and on Saturday morning it worked some magic to wander and ponder and touch the curiosities and beautiful objects they so artfully gather from around the world. The gray in my brain began to clear.

The next morning the rain was back, with a vengeance, and now Ray was having his own attack of gray-induced, claustrophobia. Knowing the positive effect my outing the previous day had had on me, I was happy to accompany him to his version of happy color/retail inspiration—the garden center. It worked.

Will our long, gray winter ever end? Maybe. Today has offered us sun breaks between showers, and signs on my morning walk, that behind the gray the earth really does know it is spring.

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  1. My brother and SIL live in Sandy and they spent the month of Feb. in Mexico. Their new friends are all Canadians

  2. I feel exactly the same. I am so ready for sunshine and warmth. I have not been to Cargo since it moved either, so you have inspired me to make a point of going there. Thanks.

  3. Love those chairs.

  4. I am just across the river in Vancouver. My husband passed 5 1/2 years ago and this has been the toughest winter yet. I have really been struggling to get through these horrible grey days. Usually working with bright cheery fabrics helps, but not so much lately.

  5. Even up river, it is gray and the clouds are forming for the rain to start. It has been a long winter and spring seems like it is taking forever to arrive. We seemed to have slipped back to the weather of 30 years ago. On the plus side, I haven't had to drag a hose around or turn on the sprinklers yet. I commented to Carl the other day when it was pouring that I just wanted to go sit in Powell's and explore the shelves of books. Now I think Cargo would be even a better choice. Soon enough I'll be complaining about the heat. I do miss the rain most years, but this year I'd like some sun. Thanks for the new to me nursery to visit, too.