Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Details

When I posted the after pictures of the bathroom redo Kristin and Jane Ann wanted details about the countertop. Yes, I did paint the counters. I did some research on the web for instructions and found several, although I also found sites that said "don't do it—it won't work." I decided I had nothing to lose in trying the paint as I definitely do not want the blue countertop, and paint is cheap.

We started by removing the sink and sanding the counters. I used a small foam roller to avoid brush strokes, and painted it all with Kilz primer, then 3 coats of terra cotta colored semi-gloss latex paint. Before I painted a 4th coat, I mixed a little of the paint with a bit of dark green paint in a cup to get a barely darker shade of the color. Then I rolled on the 4th coat, sponging on a little of the darker shade as I went along to give it a very slightly mottled look. After that dried well I put on about 4 coats of clear urethane varnish (satin finish), letting each coat dry well before applying the next. Then we went to Mexico for two weeks and left it to dry hard undisturbed! Here is a closeup.

I don't know how well it will hold up. It seems a little delicate. Only time will tell.

The after pictures didn't really show the rug very well either. It was not in the original plan, but was rather a spontaneous purchase made in Oaxaca. I think it looks great.


  1. It's tough to focus on anything but the super adorable Sophia but the re-do looks great. Everything pales next to that cherub

  2. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Ditto dee, but thanks for the recipe for the countertop. I had a friend who never cooked (I mean NEVER) who painted her Formica kitchen countertop. She swore it did fine (this is 20+ years ago, so I don't know how long it held up), and I've seen paint specifically for going over laminate and wondered if that was what you used.

    And if the recipe calls for 2 weeks in Mexico, this is a home improvement project I could really go for.