Friday, May 04, 2007

Swan song for our garden art business

Saturday and Sunday we are selling our metal garden art at the Spring Garden Fair at the Canby Fairgrounds. (click on the graphic above for more information about the sale) This is the final sale for our garden art business, Into The Garden. I wrote a long post with lots of pictures when we did this last year. It rained pretty hard on Sunday last year. We are hoping for better weather this year. It is predicted, but it has been raining all week so far.
We started this business a couple of years ago and have never given it the time and attention that it needed, but had some fun with it, especially the designing part. My brother had a great machine that cut the pieces for us, which I talked about here. Since then, my brother sold his business and the wonderful water cutting machine, so we lost that part of the business formula. Rather than try to find another source for having our stuff cut, we decided to sell out our inventory and close down the web site. So this show will be our last. We are selling everything cheap, cheap, cheap! If you live in the Portland area come on out Saturday or Sunday. If you tell me you read about the show on my blog I will knock an additional 10% off the sale price for you. We are Booth# M5. Besides our stuff, if you are a gardener you will love the fair. It is a wonderful plant sale and there are lots of very creative garden ideas and products in a beautiful setting.


  1. Oh, a pity you're not continuing with the business, but it's wise to know when the time isn't right for something and move it on.

  2. I wish we could've gotten there, but a garden art sale in Canby wasn't on our houseguests' agenda. If you have anything left, I'd love to take a look next time we get together; I'm seriously in the market for some li'l garden accent.