Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Pieces and Parts

I have been working on the "Good to be Green" quilt in sections. These are the last. I am about ready to start assembling and see if the pieces fit together.

Life seems to be "pieces and parts" these days. I go from one project to another and back again and babysit Sofia inbetween. This morning I am working on the "green" quilt pieces between applying layers of paint on the basement stairs. This is in anticipation of trying to sell our house. You know those things you always planned to do when you moved into a new house, but never got around to? This is one of them. The grimy, neglected stairway to the basement has been ignored for 14 years now. I am finally painting it for someone else to enjoy. Oh well. That's the house selling game isn't it? Meanwhile I am working out details for the new house kitchen.

For the last two days I have had Sofia all to myself and she showed off her new teeth and new skills. She's a crawler and a sitter now. Such a big girl!

We are all amused by the way her hair is growing. She has that long section of hair in front that forms a point. Her Daddy says she looks like a baby Dracula. I am reminded of Squiggy from LaVerne and Shirley, as well as Eddie Munster. Awww—did I just compare my granddaughter to Squiggy and Eddie Munster? She's much cuter!


  1. put a little curl in and she's a kewpie doll...although she's cuter than that too!

  2. Squiggy-hilarious! You'd better put on your running shoes and take some extra B-12-she's about ready for take-off. The marathon begins.

  3. Love seeing the great pictures of Sofia.

  4. Anonymous10:10 PM

    She is so beautiful. Can I come over and help babysit while you paint?

  5. She's very beautiful. Lucky you.

  6. I LOVE the point in her hair -- my daughter had one and when she got her first haircut it about killed me that it went away!!! (no, the haircut was NOT my idea, though, I'm about over it now -- over a year or so later)