Thursday, February 14, 2008

First guests

Now that the kitchen is at least functional at the house I have been dying to have people see it, so since this month was my time to host our fiber art group, STASH (second Thursday at somebody's house), I decided to invite them to meet at the new house. I think they have been curious anyway.

I got coffee and tea things laid out. You can see that I have some paint touchup to do. I set a few of the backsplash tiles out, so they could see them.

I put out snacks (granola snacks from Costco and seed and current cookies from Trader Joe's) and found enough chairs for everyone. Then I waited for them to arrive. Gale arrived first, then Gerrie and Reva came in together.

We had a little tour of the place and then got down to business.

We were a smaller than usual group, with both Linda and Beth unable to come, but we had a good time. Our first guests in the new house. It's not really ready for entertaining, but I knew they wouldn't mind. They did say they hoped we'd have a sofa and a few other things next time we meet there. I hope so too!


  1. Well at least they got to see the house and sit at that fantastic table. You could always set up a 'campsite' next time, with an inflatable sofa, camp chairs, maybe a log to sit on, around the fireplace and serve smores.

  2. Anonymous2:20 PM

    What a great idea and what perfect First Guests! I hope they left lots of loose thread behind as an omen of days to come.

  3. You know we were curious, Terry! It's going to be a wonderful home once you and Ray get through with it.

  4. The colors in Terry's kitchen are a real reflection of her warmth and hospitality. It was fun to see the beginnings of her future home. Even if it is like driving to another country! :-)

  5. So... when are you having the rest of us over?

  6. Your choice of colors are very warm and comfy cozy....and I agree with Jane, when are you having the rest of your group(ies) over??