Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring—for a minute

I took my camera along on my walk this morning. The weather was beautiful and they are saying we are going to get a snowstorm this weekend. Bah. Humbug. Anyway, I thought I'd enjoy spring while we still have it.

The plum trees that grow all along the trail are in bloom right now and are spectacular. Aren't these huge for plum trees? This is where our trail starts, next to the baseball diamond.

I seldom have good luck taking pictures of birds. By the time I futz around and get focused they are long gone, but this morning we stopped to watch a pair of flickers guarding their nest. Here is the male. The nest is there on the left—very messy looking, leafy nest. Isn't he pretty?

Here's the pair.

I love my super zoom on my camera! Gerrie just got a camera like mine. She is going to love it.

When we got to the bridge over the creek we saw a group of rare, headless ducks.

Har, har—just kidding! They were regular old mallard ducks, busily eating something found at the bottom of the creek.

The Oregon Grape is blooming. Very sneezy stuff, but it is so beautiful.

Beautiful day for a walk. Do you really think it's going to snow? I can't believe it. Nah, they must be wrong.


  1. beautiful pics Terry. What a nice walk you have. Hope the snow stays far away.

  2. We have those headless ducks here on the east coast too, and the even rarer headless swans!

    Hope the white stuff stays away - snow is a four-letter word...

  3. Excellent shot of the flickers!

    I can't believe the snow forecast. We took our traction tires off yesterday!

  4. Beautiful flickers on the pictures!
    Hope you won't get burried under the snow...

  5. Great Flicker pictures! They are hard to persuade to sit still! And those headless ducks are amazing too! You are such a kidder!
    I also took some Mahonia pics this morning.....thought of you!


  6. Rare headless ducks. Good catch. Fun for your readers.