Sunday, September 18, 2011

The rainy season

The rainy season has begun. It rained off and on all day today as Ray worked on the greenhouse. We are coming up against the weather. The contractor says the studio will be finished in the next two weeks. Most of the work that is left to do is inside, except for painting.

Ray has been trying to get the framework for the greenhouse painted so he could start putting the glazing on it. He painted between periods of rain today. I painted for awhile.

That gray-green color he is painting will be the main color for the entire building. Our son, Andy, came out to help in the afternoon. By the end of the day the frame was painted and the roof for the greenhouse was in place. Now the rest of the work can be finished much more easily even if it rains.

They have laid the sub-floor in the studio and plan to install the flooring this week. It will be commercial grade vinyl tiles in gray and white. Pretty much like this:

You have seen this floor a million times. I wanted tough, neutral, sweepable and those 12" tiles are handy for squaring up quilts. The folks at the floor place couldn't believe this is what I wanted. Not something more, ummm, modern? Nope. The painter was also dubious about painting the interior white white. Really, it's perfect. Exactly what I wanted.

The floor guy called about the stairs. He says those tiles don't work well on stairs. If they put them on the stairs they would need a metal cap on the front edges. Ugh. He suggested commercial carpet. Ugh. I don't like either of these ideas. I asked about that flexible vinyl stair covering you see in commercial buildings. Hideously expensive. I am thinking, at this point, that painting them is probably the best option. Simple. Cheap.

Railing for the stairway is also on this week's agenda. We are getting there. Almost before the rain started. Almost.


  1. I like the idea of painted stairs. You'll get those lovely worn-away arcs on each step showing how often you've been up and down. It will give it character!

  2. You are going to love the place. I am in love with the greenhouse already.

  3. Anonymous7:44 AM

    Terry, Susan Sawatzky in Spokane. Since your hubby is Lowes or Home Depot you can get or order stair treads and put them down. The treads that builders put in are usually made from pine and won't wear very well as pine is soft. Then you can stain the stairs and paint the risers. We replaced the stairs in our house from basement to kitchen with these, stained them and then I cut and glued this ( on the risers.

    Just an idea.

  4. It seems fantastic -- everything went really well once you got started and it's looking great. I laughed about the contractors/floor people trying to talk you out of your choices. They really don't think out of any box they happen to be in. We had to fight to get suficient electrical outlets, and at that they didn't put them where I requested. And they refused to put all the lights I asked for, although they did put in the boxes necessary. I hired someone else to finish and I definitely needed those lights.

    By the way, are you in need of any sewing or dyeing equipment? I'm really getting out of the business of textiles; can't have the yard sale this year, but if there's something you need or want, give a holler -- everything from the sewing cabinet to dye stuffs -- all going away.

  5. Oh my! This is exciting. You are building my dream - a studio and a greenhouse. I like the flooring you chose. I feel about painted stairs like Deborah. It brings back memories of my Grandfather's house and the dark green stairs to the rooms full of treasures to amuse me. The weather is supposed to go back to sunny and warm after this little fit of Autumn. Going from 99 to 68, did cause me to dig out some long pants. Wishing you a beautiful week.

  6. Jean S.12:38 PM

    I painted the engineered wood stairs going up to my studio with floor and porch paint. Tough stuff and it still looks great 7 years later. I go up and down those stairs several times a day. What a wonderful creative space. I'll bet you can't wait to move in.

  7. Seems like paint will work but I was thinking sheet vinyl same stuff as the tiles. The squares really do help with squaring up quilts!!!!

  8. I love the idea of painted stairs or stained. I have a few friends that did that and I love the look. Your project seems to be going pretty fast. I know you will enjoy the space once you have everything where you want it.