Friday, November 23, 2012

Ignoring Black Friday, pretty much

Ugh. I am just not into a day of crazy, mad, insanely early morning shopping. I think there are folks who love the challenge of the hunt for a bargain, but I'm not one of them. I won't give you any kind of argument or claim a moral high ground because I didn't shop today. I just don't love crowds and shopping anyway, and this Black Friday business looks brutal—too brutal for my sensitive self! (snort) Besides, I was tired.

Thanksgiving was lovely and we ate well, though not obsessively, but despite a more low key menu—no stuffing, no sweet potatoes, no rolls and Emily made the pie, which was a major chore and far better than what I would have made—I was pooped by the end of the day. And then I couldn't sleep. "Too tired to sleep," is my explanation. Whatever that means. Still, I rolled myself out for a walk with Beth this morning, and maybe we both should have stayed home in bed. It was cold and wet and horrible and Beth stepped wrong on a wet pine cone, turned her ankle and fell hard on the pavement. We limped into Starbucks, soggy and defeated and Beth, bruised and bleeding. Eggnog chai lattes helped a little. I took a nap when I got home.

We are into the wet, yucky season. Beautiful fall has given way to dark, wet, slimy leaf fall.

It was nice not to cook today. Thanksgiving leftovers may be my favorite meal of the year. Our turkey was large and very good this year. After seeing photos of turkeys swathed in bacon on Facebook, we impulsively grabbed a package of bacon at Safeway and, about an hour before the turkey was done I laid bacon strips over it and finished cooking it.  The bacon made it beautifully crispy and delicious and probably the best gravy I have ever made. Neither the bird, nor the gravy tastes like bacon, just extra rich turkey. I did have a lot more fat than usual to skim off the top of the drippings. I know it sounds a little redneck, but it was delicious.

Rainy days make the studio feel very cozy, so I was happy to spend a few hours there this afternoon. Ray just installed a stronger router for our wireless connection, so I even have internet in the studio now.  Here is another section of the shirting quilt I am working on.

I am nearly finished, and as with the previous one, I like some things about it and not others. I am learning. Still too stiff, in my opinion and something is missing that I am thinking might be the dark outlines I have used for years in my work. I won't add them to this piece, but don't be surprised if they show up in the next one.

Sofia is spending the night tonight and she is sweetly sleeping as I type.  French toast in the morning. So I've made it through Black Friday relatively unscathed. I think my only purchase of the day was my therapeutic latte this morning, and our household is very rich tonight with Sofia's stories and silliness and sweetness. I may be ready to face the Christmas season now. Almost.


  1. I am liking your architecture piece. Perhaps some shading with machine stitch around the cornice type stuff? I enjoyed staying away from the maddening crowds, too. I dislike crowds and crowds on a mission, just isn't fun. I hope the rest of your weekend finds you more rested and you enjoy your time with Sofia. She would bring sunshine into any day.

  2. I hate black friday too- your quilt is coming around great- like the depth of the buildings!

  3. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Oh, how I wish I had a sweet grandchild to 'sleep over' again. Alas, mine all are grown up and no great-grands in sight!!!! (sigh)

  4. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Oh, how I wish I had a sweet grandchild to 'sleep over' again. Alas, they are all grown up and not a great-grand in sight. (sigh)

  5. i can't handle black friday either

  6. I see there is a Terry Grant quilt in the "Sip, Savor and Stroll" fund raiser at Visions Art Museum next Saturday, December 1st. I may be adding another of your pieces to the Collection.

  7. We chose to explore our environs and delve into some family/local history on Black Friday. It was sunny though chilly here and made a perfect day for a drive -- far better than braving crowds for bargains on things we really didn't want or need in the first place. Your bacon wrapped turkey sounds intriguing. I always use the instructions from The Best cookbook (by the Cooks Illustrated people) and I think this year was my best one yet. Probably because I had access to a turkey worth brining instead of the usual Butterball.