Sunday, February 03, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

Since I have absolutely, positively, NO interest in football or the Super Bowl, I always welcome Super Bowl Sunday as a day of my own, to go about doing whatever I please while the rest of the country is planted in front of their TV sets. This year I am catching up on a few things.

  • First off, I went to Dick Blick and bought a couple of new drawing pens because I am going to revive my drawing blog and that means I need to start drawing. Nice to have fresh new pens in a couple of thicknesses.
  • Then, since Joanne's is just around the corner from Blick, I ran in and bought a Quilt Trends magazine. I have been asked to write an article for it and wanted to get a feel for what the magazine is like.
  • I made a couple of new collages, using a sheet of printed candy hearts. I love eating those candy hearts, but I have given up eating sugar until my birthday in April, so I am enjoying them vicariously in paper form. I like the second collage better than the first. Actually the candy hearts were not very inspiring when I started trying to put something together. They dominate. No two ways about it.

  • Then I scanned a couple of drawings and wrote a blog entry for my drawing blog,  Pen, Pencil, Paper—Draw!  I haven't written anything on it since September. Ugh. I have been trying to decide whether to close it down, but my motivation for starting it was largely to get myself drawing more, so I am recommitting myself to it. I hope you will join me there!
  • Next I will write a post for the Sketchbook Challenge blog and then I hope to get in a little studio time this afternoon.
So, I hope you all are enjoying the game and your chips and beer and nachos. Me, I am getting things done!


  1. Hi Terry. This comment doesn't actually have to do with this post, but I've been wondering about your architectural buildings. When you decide on a final placement, do you trim the buildings/features that are behind the others...thereby reducing bulk? Or do you leave the 'extra' fabric, giving you a bulkier, more 3-D look? Love your art!

    1. If I am overlapping a large area I usually trim most of the bottom layer away.