Saturday, September 14, 2013

End of the week

It was a week of many meetings, but today there were no meetings. It was a good day, starting with a walk up on Cooper Mountain with Ray. It was a little misty and overcast and perfect for a short hike.

Hints of fall, but not much color yet.

It is spider season.

The frames I ordered arrived today, so I spent the afternoon in the studio getting the small pieces ready to show. Some are framed, some will just get wrapped in cellophane. More frames coming.

And, remember that piece I was going to cut the bottom half off of? I did it today. Drew a nice straight chalk line and cut it off.

Yesterday was STASH day and I took my new work to show. It is so nice to have friends who will tell you what you want to hear! They all declared it quite wonderful. They are my friends and I take their praise with a grain of salt and ton of gratitude. Sometimes you just need the validation more than truthful critique. Thanks! So, see—I'm not such an anti-social after all. It was a wonderful day and amazing lunch served by amazing Suzy. Got through all the meetings this week and I am a better person for it. See me smiling?


  1. The creativity of spiders is astounding. That is a beautiful web. Love the framing and staging of your smaller pieces, so pretty. Glad to hear you have survived the socialness of your week. :)

  2. Love your closing comments. True dat.

  3. I hope we see the before and after so we can say "You were right"!

  4. WOW: Love that spider web! You got just the right angle and light for that shot! I'm impressed!
    I'm curious about your frames....can you divulge your source? I hope so!


  5. Great nature shots. I don't remember that the spiders of my youth spun blue webs - it is quite beautiful.