Sunday, February 15, 2015


We moved to Portland in February, 23 years ago. I was thinking about that this morning and remembering how gray and dark it was. We arrived in the rain and the rain didn't quit for the rest of that February. We had brought our cat, Daisy, with us from sunny Ashland and her response to the move was to spend her days sleeping, with her head wedged into the darkest corner of the house. Seasonal affective depression, I figured. It wasn't until June that she perked up and began to make peace with her surroundings. My mood was similar and I was pretty certain that we had made a bad mistake. Things got better and Daisy and I grew to love Portland, but February is usually not Portland's best month. A good month for a southerly vacation.

But look at February 2015. It has been like spring today. Ray and I walked another section of the Fanno Creek Trail this morning. This new section connects our old walk to our new walk and winds through a no-mans-land along the edges of wetlands and an industrial/business park area with busy highway 217 in the background. In the picture above there is an old railroad siding with a couple rusty old cars. Below, the view of Fanno Creek included the Beaverton school bus lot in the distance.

A beautiful day for a walk. At home flowers are starting to bloom. I can't believe spring is here so early. After that first rainy February we spent in Portland we had a massive March snowstorm. I guess that could happen again. Not likely if today is any indication.


Here's the little fabric artwork I hung outside last summer. It is weathering.

Work on my Shakespeare piece continues in the studio. I think I might like the end product when I get there, but I have created a tedious project and the process isn't flowing. It moves slowly and makes me procrastinate. A lot of stops and starts and slow, fiddly stitching. Not humming like I like. This is something to remember. Process is as important as product.

You tread upon my patience.

-- William Shakespeare, "Henry IV"



  1. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Terry, I visited Portland a couple of years back when I taught at the Willamette Writer's Conference. It was August and the weather was gorgeous! I live in deep South Texas and the temps were in the 100s with high humidity. I fell in love with Portland and am now waiting to see if Willamette will pick me up this year to teach there again. The Pearl District is AWESOME.

  2. As a fellow Portlander, it can be a dark and drizzly place. But when the sun does shine, it so amazing and beautiful . Maybe it's the contrast that makes those colors just shine! And I love how your Shakespeare piece is evolving!

  3. I have lived in Portland since 1974 and loved it from the first day I moved here. Okay not the first...I was from Grants Pass and the big city was scary (which makes me laugh since I moved to Grants Pass at age 19 in 1970 from southern California). But I grew to love this wannastayhippiehappyweird place. Rain or shine, I love it. My dog, on the other hand, hates the rain and wind. She's been happy these past few days!

  4. I'm not sure February is a good month anywhere. :D For sure, it isn't having a shining moment here in Maryland. I love your spring flowers and am looking forward to some around here.