Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Phone photos

Doesn't it seem like phones have always been cameras? When I think about it, I never dreamed I would be so very attached to and integrated with my phone/camera. Whenever I see something interesting I take its picture. That's my standard operation these days. I delete most, but as I am deleting it's a little moment of, "oh yeah, that was cool." Here's what I'm deleting today.

Took Marco to a playground yesterday and discovered this little fairy structure in the grass. Cleverly made. Each upright twig has a fork at the top to hold a crossbeam.

I nearly stepped on this lizard (Newt? Salamander?) in the yard yesterday. I have only ever seen two or three here. I suppose they are all around, like the frogs I can hear, seemingly by the dozens, but rarely see.

Went to Hillsboro on Sunday. This time of year I always take the back roads just for this:

Daffodils along the roadside. This is but a small section. They are glorious!

Shopping for a new sofa. This is really such a great use for phone cameras. I can "remember" what I saw where; compare; share with Ray.

These were both rejects. Top one way too " slouchy". Why are sofas that are wide enough for three people made with two cushions? Nobody likes sitting in the crack, right? After viewing many more, we decided our old, three-cushion sofa really was perfect, so it will be recovered.

Coffee/teapot that matches our 45 year old, discontinued Dansk stoneware, seen in an antique store in Astoria. Seemed like such a find! I briefly considered buying it, but the $85 price tag slowed me down. Back home I Googled to find I could buy one for about $45 from several internet sources, and when I realized it had never before occurred to me to need one I abandoned the whole idea. I had been seduced by its rarity, or something...

I stopped to notice how the little fiber piece I hung on a tree last summer has weathered. It is developing a nice "rained on" look.

And another little stitched piece. This is an Ecuadoran rooster that was wandering around the courtyard of a grand old building. I am trying out how it looks with a black mat and frame. I like it. I will now go back and buy more frames and mats.

And so it goes...




  1. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Fairy houses,salamanders and daffodils! I'm jealous....here in western MA. we have 3 feet of snow in the yard and more coming down as I type this. Spring seems a very long way off. Julie

  2. Anonymous8:14 AM

    All your photos were interesting but the fairy house was totally enchanting. Even though I'm an old lady, it makes me want to go out in the back yard and try to build one! Thanks for sharing.

  3. That's the best part of phones is the camera. I love sending little pics if this and that to people.

  4. I often think about how we lived without phone cameras! Great little notices and shots. I loved the comment, "...when I realized it had never before occurred to me to need one I abandoned the whole idea." Of course! I need to remember that line :)

  5. Oh my goodness I really love the rooster

  6. New to your blog but need to toss in my two-cents worth.... I just plain laughed out loud about the Dansk tea/coffee pot and totally agree with you and pollyanna - reminded me about the old "seafood diet" - I see it, I eat it. Aren't we programmed by our consumer culture to want everything we see?

    The fairy house is precious. A little temporary gazebo maybe to keep the dew off the cakes and tea while the fairies are dancing under the stars?