Saturday, April 25, 2015

White thread

After trying out a bunch of different stitching designs in my drawing app, I started actual stitching today, with real thread. But before I get to the real thread, here are some of my doodles.

My plan was to start connecting all those circles with a sort of ghostly, white stitching, but how? I always like a squared up pattern, but maybe this is a bit too static.

Maybe fill in the spaces with more circles? No—too "bubbly". Not what I'm going for.

Back to straight lines, which I really think are a better counterpoint to the circles. Do these remind you of a beaded door curtain? Yeah, me too. This isn't it.

Rethinking that top one with a few diamond shapes included.

And that's what I liked the best. I got this far today. It's just a start.


I am liking the look of the white thread. Maybe I am channeling Mark Toby..

Or Paul Klee

It was while I was stitching that I remembered these two artists had used white lines too. Klee's, especially almost looks like stitching. Both would have qualified for our show. What do you know—there really are no new ideas.









  1. Indeed Mark Toby! Before I got to the bottom of the post that is what I was thinking...I made a jaunt to see his work at Volunteer Park in Seattle at the art museum with a classmate in 1960....he was and is an artist and he wanted to show me one of his favorite painters - and he became one of mine as well. I like what you are doing with the white thread connections...good choice, the last iteration. thanks for sharing the choosing process - and Mark Toby, Kristin

  2. I love seeing all your sketches for quilting designs before you start stitching. Can you remind me which ipad sketching program you use? I'm sure you mentioned it before but I can't remember!