Saturday, May 09, 2015

About that ball of string...

I was only partially serious about our trip being about finding the biggest ball of string in the country, but if I found myself anywhere near it, I'd certainly take the time to check it out. As to where it is, that is up for debate. There are contenders in both Missouri and Texas and others that, it turns out, are really balls of twine. And, darn it, I'm not interested in twine. It is string that would fascinate me. I am imagining different weights and textures and colors...

Today we are in Idaho, at the family cabin. Tomorrow we head out across Wyoming and that is when the real adventure begins. Idaho has been about seeing family and renewing our Idaho roots. It is really an extension of home. We were in Boise for our great-nephew's 3rd birthday and in Pocatello to see my brother's band play, and to check out the progress of his restoration of our grandmother's 1955 Studebaker.

Now today, an overnight stop at the cabin. When we were in Boise our niece said she figured we were in search of the American Dream and please let her know when we found it. Well, luckily for her this is it. The cabin—best place in the world.

Tomorrow— unknown territory.



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  1. Regarding string — After my grandfather died, in his garage we found a nice wooden box labeled: String, Too Short to Use.