Monday, September 21, 2015


I've been busy. Not so much in the studio, but I am feeling that small pressure to get things done while the weather is good. We have been painting our house's exterior all summer, and by "we" I really mean Ray has been painting and I have made a couple of half-hearted efforts to help. Early in the process I was painting the trim. Then one day I fell, backward, off a lower step of the ladder, not a great distance, but into a very poke-y bush, that scraped the heck across my back and trapped me in its branches. It took some flailing to escape and the whole experience pretty much soured me on the painting project—for awhile. Then a few weeks ago I began to see how good it was looking and I took on the front door and railings, which did not require a ladder. I really wanted to see this project finished before the rain begins.

When we moved in the house was yellow with white trim—not a bad color scheme—but with all the trees and all the green, I always felt it needed to be darker and more earthy. Now it feels like it nestles more comfortably into its surroundings.

Here's my paint inspector, making sure I do it right.


Here is its former yellow self.

I even made a small quilt at one time.

There is only a little painting left to do in the back, so I think we'll make our good weather window. We are also having some landscape work done out back. Today the guys started laying pavers, a much needed improvement.

I don't think the projects ever come to an end with an old house.

When I have made it to the studio recently it has been for some experimenting. Something about painting those railings on the porch made me want to paint on fabric I think. Paint is seductive.




  1. Amazing how a can of paint can make everything new again. LOVE the last small quilt Terri.

  2. Paint is indeed seductive... the house looks great!

  3. Hmmm. I love the blue and the red door. It looks so inviting.

  4. Our house is blue with cream trim and a navy accent under the windows. And a red door. 16 years later and I still love it. I plant red geraniums around the front porch. We are hiring out our painting this year. Thank goodness.

  5. I love how your house and your quilting go hand-in-hand ... both are beautiful!

  6. The yellow house color was cheery but I think the new color is even better. Comforting. Kinda like a quilt.