Thursday, October 22, 2015

A day's worth of phone photos

Every new gadget that comes along could change your life. Most don't. I think a lot about how the camera in my phone has changed mine. I remember when I first heard of cameras in cell phones. It sounded like a useless idea to me—a gimmick, that would never really catch on. And now I read that the iPhone is the most used camera in the world and that fact isn't even a little bit surprising. And I am 100%, unapologetically, onboard.


Beautiful, foggy morning for our walk. The wetland looked like a painting.

I drove directly from my walk to Oregon College of Art and Craft, where the SAQA group was meeting for dyeing and discharging demos and practice. I painted Soft Scrub onto fabric to see how it discharges the color. Here is the Soft Scrub drying on black cotton fabric.

Here are my two test pieces washed out. The pink, predictably, discharged to lighter pink. The black—hello!—surprise!


After SAQA, Ray and I went out to lunch at an Indian restaurant. No, I didn't photograph my food, though the butter chicken was a beautiful, rich orange color. Then to the Portland Art Museum to see the current exhibit, "Viewing Nature" works from the Paul Allen Collection. it is a gorgeous exhibit.


And it was fascinating to see, from above, a new exhibit being mounted in a different gallery.


Home again, and Ray was cleaning up the garden and disposing of green tomatoes, which made me wonder how they would work as fermented pickles. I rescued a bunch and filled a couple big jars with tomatoes and brine. It's an experiment. The jars look beautiful.


Emily had to stay late at work for parent-teacher conferences, so I picked the kids up from after-school. Em texted, asking how they were, and I texted back a photo, which I knew would make her smile much more than just the word "fine".


A day's worth of phone photos. None of them really keepers, but moments to go to and share or just smile over. Honestly, I end up deleting most of my phone photos, sometimes after posting to Facebook, or on this blog, and my friends and family do the same and, in this way—through our pictures—we understand each other better and we share in the everyday lives we all lead, even though far away. We see babies grow and change and know our far-off families and friends as we never could have. We share the beauty and wonder all around us, and I really think we are better for that.

I love this camera in my pocket.



  1. I agree with you from start to finish. Couldn't imagine that phone pictures would be any good. Ha!

  2. I'm just beginning to appreciate the camera phone. Last year, I left my precious dog with friends over Christmas. Receiving a text with a photo of him relaxing on their sofa or playing with a new Christmas toy was immensely satisfying and put my worries to rest. I love your foggy morning photo.

  3. Me too! and so much fun with my mom who isn't close by. I can show her the spider in my garden, my pup being silly. It does give a closer connection.

  4. I love phone cameras~except when people are all recording a performance of some kind, and not "being there" for it. I love to whip my phone out for inspirational photos~like studio visits :)

  5. With my first IPhone,I am learning to take more photos. They are really lovely,the clarity amazing. They do capture our daily lives!

  6. Well said. I love the little "touches" that photos and texts give. Who knew?