Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Phone Photos

Another catch-up by way of a weeks worth of phone photos. January in Western Oregon —rain, rain, rain and the occasional sun break. The view from my kitchen window this morning:

A lot of this kind of view for the past week. The ground is a soggy sponge. The creek is high and wild. Sunday, however, dawned sunny and blue-skied and Ray and I took a lovely, nice long walk at the nature area a couple miles from our house. There were a lot of happy people out walking that day.

The rain had greened up the moss and ferns and filled the creek and pond, which is always a good reminder of why we put up with all the rain.

That evening we drove out across the city to a reception for my buddy, June Underwood's one-woman exhibit of her paintings. Since June and I have each moved to opposite ends of the city I don't see her as often, so it was especially great to see, not only her work, but June herself.

Driving home after the reception, the rain had started up again and the view of downtown Portland was wet and smeary and sparkly along the river. I know it is impossible to capture in a photo, taken from a moving car, but I always have to try...

Rainy days are great in the studio. I finished the top of the Quito quilt and am quilting now.

And so it goes...


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  1. Off topic - Congratulations on your article in "Through Our Hands". It gives a nice insight into your work and methods.