Thursday, June 23, 2016

Time passing

Two years ago I made a little fabric hanging from some odds and ends of my fabrics and project by-products, to hang outside. I liked seeing it hanging on the tree next to the bridge and passed it daily.

It hung there through sun and rain, wind and weather. Last summer I noticed it had faded a bit.


Several weeks ago I found it in the mud at the foot of the tree, so I took it to the studio and washed it up, then hung it back on the tree.


It is aging even more noticeably than I am! But it still has life and seems even more at home and comfortable than when it was young and bright.

And so it goes...



  1. I'm sure I remember you posting about this when you first made it. It seems like a long time ago. Time does indeed pass.

  2. How clever! Gives me an idea for a shade garden I'm creating at the edge of a wooded area near our house!

  3. Anonymous5:48 AM

    I'm glad you saved it. I loved it when you first made it and I agree that it is aging wonderfully. :-)

  4. the beautiful piece is aging wonderfully well..looks as great as when you first installed it and posted the picture, perhaps even better today.

  5. Sometimes we all are a bit more comfortable and at home in our own skins after we have aged a bit!