Monday, January 21, 2019

Taking Care of Business

This is what I’ve been feverishly working on these past three weeks. It is my submission for the Oregon SAQA exhibit, “The Edge.”  It is called “At Home at the Edge of the Continent” and my interpretation of my Oregon experience of “the edge”. I decided to take a chance on another 3-dimensional piece and had a lot of fun figuring out how to make a 15” tall wing chair. Lots of false starts and horrible messes ended up in the trash along the way. Two sets of legs were failures, before I finally made these paper mache ones. 

I haven’t had great success with this Regional SAQA show. My last two submissions didn’t make it, but I’m trying again.  I completed the online submission today. I realize that, for whatever reason, this particular show seems to favor dramatic, abstract work, so I might, once again, be too far out of step here, but it was what I wanted to do, and it makes me smile. It’s a tribute to my pioneer forebears, who came by wagon and by ship, to find a home out here on the edge, and my own journey to Oregon so many years later. 

So, one deadline down and one to go. Then on to some “unbound” projects!


  1. You just get better and better. Really clever.

  2. My daughter and I saw your piece yesterday at the historical society. What a wonderful piece of art.