Sunday, May 18, 2008

And so on Saturday evening...

Four of us went out to dinner. June and I, both from Portland. Jane from Connecticut. Rayna from New Jersey.

Rayna, me, Jane, June

We had such a good time. Rayna and Jane were both here in Portland for Quilt Market and I got to meet Rayna a couple days ago for breakfast. Meeting Jane was another real treat for me. We have corresponded by email and blog comments for a long time. She is as bright and lovely and interesting as I knew she would be. (Small world sidenote: Jane's brother lives here. I looked at the map today to see where his house is—right up the road from our new house.) After we finished our dinner we got the good-natured waitress to take our picture, while the table full of rowdy guys behind her mugged and coached her on the picture-taking. Behind us you can see outside, the end of a beautiful Portland day and silhouetted trees and bridge across the river.

Rayna was heading home early today. Her husband developed a detached retina in her absence and I know she was worrying about him. I hope all goes well. I think Jane is heading home tomorrow. I remember what hard, exhausting work Quilt Market is. I'm so glad they were able to set aside a little time to share with June and me.


  1. Beautiful setting. Beautiful women! You look like you had a wonderful time.

  2. Nice picture - and a very fun evening with lively, intelligent conversation (ah - what a treat!).