Saturday, May 24, 2008

Can you believe this?

This is a story of the power or the wonder of something. I want to say it is about the power of the internet, but it is something much more basic and human than that, simply facilitated by the internet. It is about human kindness, really.

You may remember back in February I wrote this post about my beautiful Talavera bowl that was broken. Many of you sympathized. Then I got an email from Kelley Wilkinson, someone I have never met, nor even know from blogging or email lists. She said, "I live in Dolores Hidalgo. I will send you another bowl." We corresponded. Her intent was to find one as close to the other as possible or even arrange to have one made to copy the old one. Time went by and I didn't hear from her. I assumed life had gotten in the way or that her initial generous impulse had come to its senses! But last week I got another email and she said she was sending the bowl. She said she had not been able to find one the same shape as the original, but hoped I would like the one she was sending. It arrived yesterday. That's it in the picture above.

The bowl is extraordinary. It is larger than the original—a little more than 12" in diameter. It is beautifully painted and a graceful shape. It will look fabulous in our new house, and it will be a constant reminder of just how generous and lovely people, even complete strangers, can be. What a gift. Thank you, Kelley.


  1. Anonymous10:42 AM

    The bowl is gorgeous and the story that goes with it just makes it more lovely.
    And speaking of lovely gifts, happy birthday to Emily, Jessica, and Melissa--three of the most beautiful gifts our family was given.

  2. Truly generous. The bowl is wonderful, as is the gesture.

  3. The bowl is beautiful - as is the story of human kindness! It is sunshine for the soul!

  4. the bowl is just amazing.
    SO BEAUTIFUL. That was so nice of her to send you a new bowl. What an act of kindness. nice to know there are wonderful people out there.
    Thank you Kelley, helps restore my faith in people.

  5. Anonymous5:12 PM

    What a wonderful story! it always amazes me, the kindness of strangers.

  6. How gorgeous the bowl - and even more beautiful, the generosity of a stranger. A gift from the universe, payback, no doubt, for something equally generous that you have done somewhere along the line.

    BTW - your daughter is indeed, beautiful.

  7. WoW ..what more can be said about such a lovely story . The bowl really is extraordinary. Glorious!

  8. What a beautiful bowl and lovely gift. I am constantly amazed and thrilled by peoples' kindness and generosity.