Friday, October 24, 2008

From blog to real life

It is always fun to meet someone whose blog you read. I have been reading Laura's blog for about a year and we've been trying to get together for several months. We finally met for lunch at the Oregon College of Art and Craft today and had a nice long visit. If you haven't read her blog, it is lovely—a mix of the personal, her art, her photos and her thoughtful observations on life and the world and what touches her. In person, she is just as thoughtful and hopeful and articulate as that blog persona would lead you to believe. Here we are.

She brought me a gift. This is a small blank book, handmade and bound by Laura. Isn't it beautiful? I will have to fill it with something wonderful. What?


  1. Anonymous4:14 PM

    The book is a treasure and you must use it for something very special and very personal: a log of Sofia's words (and those of succeeding grandchildren).

  2. Handsome book. I'd like to see the spine - are those buttons and are they critical to the binding? Inquiring minds.....!