Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I am working on a piece for a show that High Fiber Diet is having in April. The theme is "Line Dance" and the concept is that every piece in the show will have a lime green horizontal line running through it. It will be interesting to see if this uniting thread will really work.

I am starting with a section that is laurel leaves and berries. I found this great polka dot rubber stamp awhile back and stamped several greens for my laurel leaves. My drawing is under the fabrics.

Cutting and fusing leaves.

Leaves and berries all fused. It is at this point that I am always somewhat tempted to stop. The nice flat, graphic look is appealing, but no, I start painting and then stitching.

The leaves will combine with some of this—

And some of this—

More later.


  1. Glad you pointed me to your laurels! This is going to be a wonderful piece- great contrasts and luscious color. Can't wait to see it evolve with those other fabrics.

    My mom made chickens in 'ceramics' too! I didn't get hers but I started my own kitchen chicken collection- at one time I counted over twenty stuck here and there. None were sentimental like yours so I had to ditch them during a renovation. I still wish I had hers.

  2. Anonymous7:25 AM

    Terry, this is beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.

    susan in spokane

  3. OOh, Terry! I am loving this! Can't wait to see the final product!

  4. This is going to be yummy, I can tell!

  5. Anonymous5:09 PM

    There's never been a project of yours that didn't inspire and wow me. This is no exception! GORGEOUS!!!! Can't wait to see the finish!

  6. This is gorgeous!!