Monday, June 22, 2009

The color of summer


My nasturtiums are blooming on the porch and that firey orange color makes me so happy.

I always seem to be happiest on the warm side of the color wheel and the color orange sits squarely in the middle of that territory. No way to cool down orange. It is warm, earthy, glowy and extravagant.

Yesterday I came home to find these on the dining room table. Ray is taking care of my daughter's yard while they are gone and he cut them over there. He said he figured someone ought to be enjoying them. And I am. That grand vase with its orange-y red berries is another thing that makes me happy. We got it in Ecuador at the Eduardo Vega gallery. I love everything about it—the shape, the colors, the design. And it reminds me of a wonderful time.

Orange is a color I love to wear, to surround myself with and to use in my artwork. This is my Pantone deck fanned out to show the variety of oranges, shading from sunny, golden to flame to earthy terra cottas.

There is something there for everyone. I simply can't understand anyone who doesn't love orange. I always say my favorite color is red, but really it's that range of territory that bridges the transition between orange and red.


  1. You know I love orange--always have.
    I went to a tea party once where they served cream cheese and nasturtium sandwiches--yummy! There may have been a tiny bit of scallion in the cream cheese but I remember how beautiful they were with the bright orange and gold and red bits in the cheese. Nasturtiums taste like mild bell pepper. Delish!

  2. I've been embracing my inner orange lately. I always thought I didn't like it, when i think it was bright orange i was scared of. In reality, I've been wearing, using, and living with teh tints and tones of orange forever. It's exciting to find that the hues in the middle are no longer too bold for me --and to realize that orange goes with just about everything!!

  3. Now you are talking my exact language. Orange (and all its permutations) is just about my favorite color to use in quilting and to live with.

  4. How funny! You can't understand anyone who doesn't love orane? I would say the same thing about blue, and I generally avoid orange at all costs. I'm much happier on the cool side of the color wheel.

  5. I really like orange as well. My crazy quilt I am making right now is orange. There was a time I didn't like it - reminded me too much of the seventies, but I like it again.

  6. I love orange - use it in my art and I wear it. I have a new orange top and someone told me I should wear it every day!! Mr C does not like orange so you won't find it in our house.

  7. The first applique pattern I ever bought (1994) was of nasturtiums. I still have it sitting in its plastic bag ready to get started.

    I love orange, but I look like a dead pumpkin when I wear it. All my quilts have orange in them.

  8. Yeah for ORANGE! It's my favorite color, too.
    And then there's nasturtiums! The darling of my herb garden. I only have red this year and am very much missing the orange blossoms. Although, they do taste the same ... a nice clean radish like bite. My herbs are near the grill and all platters of grilled food get adorned with this edible taste, as well as visual, treat. I'm definitely going to have to get some orange ones in the mix ... maybe some yellow ones, too.

  9. Yellow, orange, red - certainly my favorite section of the color wheel. And, fortunately, I look good in orange. Add the scarf I bought from Rayna and I am a fashion plate - an old, pudgy one, but a fashion plate none the less.