Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cooper Mountain Nature Park

I took a break from bird-making this morning and Ray and I went to see the new Cooper Mountain Nature Park that just opened near our house. We live at the base of Cooper Mountain, which is an old volcanic cinder cone. The Nature Park is at the top, with views of the Tualatin River Valley and miles of walking trails. It just opened to the public this past weekend, but it has been in the works for more than 10 years with restoration of native plants, the planting of more than 100,000 trees and removal of non-native, invasive plants.

A lot of the amenities near the entrance are still under construction, including this future playground and a picnic area. The red building in the background is the "Nature House" a visitors center for the park.

It was a perfect day today. Not a cloud in the clear blue sky. Do you know how rare that is in this neck of the woods? We walked the short loop trail, which winds down through a grassy meadow and into woods. Lots of wildflowers in bloom.

Finishing the loop, you see this view of the Nature House with the solar panels on the roof.

I loved this thing! You put your ear up to the small opening and it amplifies the sounds of the birds.
I am lucky to live so close to the park. It will be great to watch it grow and develop over the years.
After that pleasant break, it was back to work. I made a bird from African fabrics that I will show you tomorrow. I think he's pretty special!


  1. Looks like a great place to get away now and then. How I love those Douglas Firs! There have been fewer and fewer each year I go up there. Still half a dozen in my old neighborhood, but considering that there were hundreds fifty years ago - it is sad. When I get up there again I'll have to have a look at "your park".

  2. The Oregonian gave it rave reviews. I can't wait to get to see it.