Tuesday, June 02, 2009


This view out my front window is inspiring right now. The rhododendrens and azaleas and now the roses, are at their peak. It always makes me want to get out and take photos of flowers despite the fact that I already have folders and folders of flower photos.

Something I have been trying for are some closeups where the foreground flowers are in sharp focus and the background somewhat blurred. As often as not I get the opposite effect like this one.

Not what I was going for.

I did finally manage to get several that I was pleased with.

The roses along the side of the house are starting to bloom and they are really beautiful. Yesterday Ray and I walked around to look at them and surprised a deer who was carefully eating each and every bud off the first rosebush. Ray mixed up a batch of "deer repellant" from a recipe found on the internet and sprayed the roses and some other tender little plants with deer damage. Nothing that will hurt the deer, but hopefully make the greenery and flowers unappetizing to them. Hope it works.


  1. This is not fair! In the north we are still fighting off frost warnings. Your property is magnificent and your garden, breath taking. I so enjoy following your blog to see the amazing transformations over such a short period of time. Enjoy it.

  2. My peonies bloomed while I was gone. Now they are browning and disintegrating.

  3. Gale Dupell10:15 AM

    Roses are the favorite food of deer. In Astoria, they came and ate the rose stems like a shish kabob; removing flowers, leaves and thorns. If the mixture you tried doesn't work, I had good luck with Fence Line. It is uses cougar pee and smells like when you put it on. The smell goes away within minutes.

  4. There's a setting on my (mid-range digital) camera for taking pictures of "flowers in sunlight" but it's best feature is making the zoon into a macro lens which leaves the foreground in focus and the background either out of focus or dark...and it's nice to know that someone else has 100s of flower photos besides me!

  5. I wonder if cougar pee would keep the neighbor cats from marking our patio furniture? Or whether the cure would be worse than the disease.

    On flowers, it took me a while to discover that, in macro or super-macro mode, I really had to depress the shutter halfway, before snapping, to ensure that whatever was in the little (yellow, I think) box was in focus. You're probably ahead of me there!

  6. Don't you just wish they would last forever?