Friday, June 05, 2009


Here it is Friday already and I have nothing for you. Nada. It has been kind of a funny week with some high points, some low points, a coming storm that got us all excitedly battening down the hatches and digging out candles and matches and lamp oil. Then the wind blew a bit and a little rain splattered around and then it was all over. Meanwhile on the other side of town trees were falling and crashing through roofs, so I think we dodged a bullet by a few miles. Dodging bullets is what I'm all about this week. Trying, anyway.

Oh, we're getting stuff ready for a big, big—really big—yard sale next weekend. This includes all the stuff that we decided we need to get rid of when we moved, plus stuff inherited from cleaning out houses after our parents died and stuff like doors and light fixtures and cabinets no longer needed at our new house after the remodel. It will be everything and a kitchen sink! There will, of course, be pictures and blog coverage.

So, just so you know I'm still here and cruising the highways and byways of the internet, I will leave you with this. Isn't this so pretty? It popped up on one of my daily blog reads.

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  1. ooh, I'll tune in for giant yard sale coverage. ;-)