Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas stuff

I have done all the Christmas decorating I am going to do, except for digging around to see if I can find my reindeer to go on the dining room table. The Thanksgiving Mum is starting to look a little past its prime! The photo above is a small part of my collection of terra cotta Christmas ornaments. They are usually on the mantle with greenery, rather than on the tree. It is a collection that started sort of unwittingly about 20 years ago. I found several small terra cotta ornaments at a gift show and bought them, then I started looking for more and just kept buying. I am particularly fond of the Guatamalan angel, holding the dove. Reminiscent of my Christmas card from many years earlier, isn't it?

Here's another dove from the old Christmas card collection. Still one of my favorites. Probably around 1979.

And now, a special treat! This video is Bob Dylan singing "Must Be Santa." It is one of the wierdest things ever, but mighty catchy! I discovered this video thanks to Sue Reno, who posted it on Facebook with the comment that it reinforces her belief that "everything is better with an accordian!"


  1. I heard this morning that he has a whole Christmas album and this is one of the songs. Fun!
    Bob's a long way from "Black Orpheus" that I used to listen to in the dark, artists garret of my youth...I was very serious and suffered for my art then. Wouldn't mind a little of the all-night-art-get-up-&-go-to-work-energy from back then.
    It sure perked me up-thanks Terry.

  2. I think that was Joan Baez. She was one of my two favs at that time. It was her and Bob all day all night.
    Wow what a long strange trip it's been....

  3. Love the terra cotta.

  4. Susan LT4:23 AM

    Great post. Thanks for the Dylan piece. My late husband played the accordion (from Minnesota), as does my mom (Slovenian). Strange, strange instrument.

  5. I'll bet you are so organized in the way you store all these seasonal things. I can envision rows of neat boxes all with hand-written labels. Am I right?

  6. LOL, Terry, I'm glad you enjoyed it!