Friday, December 16, 2005

Christmas Quilt

Because of our trip I didn't do much decorating for Christmas this year. No tree, no stockings on the fireplace, or reindeer on the table--none of the boxed up stuff came out. I did pull my Christmas quilt out of the closet and toss it over the arm of the sofa. Instant Christmas cheer!

Thirteen years ago we moved from Ashland, Oregon to Portland. In December, 1992 I went to my last meeting of Mountain Stars Quilt Guild and I won the Christmas tree blocks everyone had made. After I moved to Portland I decided to put them together using some nice red and white homespun I had saved when I closed my shop. It comes out every Christmas. It is very cozy for wrapping up in on Christmas morning and makes the sofa a great spot for a winter afternoon nap.

Each block is different fabric, made by a different member of the guild. Some of the fabrics are strange old fabrics, but altogether it is a charming quilt. I especially like this block that defied the rules--"plain muslin background fabric" by using a fabric printed with toys under the tree.

I quilted it with intentionally big, fat stitches, using a big needle and crochet thread. I was working on it at a guild work day here in Portland and an elderly member of the guild looked over my shoulder. She patted my shoulder comfortingly and said, "don't worry Honey. You just keep at it and your stitches will get smaller."

Had I not won those blocks I would never had made a quilt like this. I am always so happy that I have it every year when I get it out again.

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  1. what a nice quilt with such lovely sentiments to go along with it.