Monday, December 05, 2005

Foggy morning

This morning it was not raining, but it was crispy cold and foggy. Beth and I went on our morning walk and enjoyed the dry, cold weather and the eery whiteness.

I liked the graphic quality of these bare branches with the nest high in the top.

We haven't seen the "dachshund ladies" for awhile. They are fair weather walkers. They say the dogs get too muddy when it is rainy and wet out. But they were out today and the dogs seemed to be happy to be walking again. We always stop to chat and pet the dogs. The black one, Sabrina, knows us and if she sees us coming up behind them she stops dead in her tracks and refuses to move until we have caught up and given her a proper greeting and pats and cooing. The other two are Renee and Fritzi. The three ladies look more alike than the dogs do.

I love this part of the path where the trees form a solid arch overhead. That is Beth at the side of the path. The two walkers up ahead are "regulars". They nod pleasantly when they pass, but aren't as friendly as Beth and I are. We have been walking for nearly three years now and we know a few of the people by name and most of the dogs by name.

The walk ends at Starbucks. We usually sit outside, even in chilly weather. Everyone asks us about our earmuffs. They are "Ear Bags". They have no band. They each have a plastic form inside that pops open so you can fit your ear inside, then pops back to fit snugly. They are nice and warm. Mine are black, Beth's are red. I think REI owes us a commission, we have sent so many people out there to buy them.


  1. Beautiful pix, Teri. I like warm ears, but I would lose one or both of those bags in 2 seconds flat.

  2. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Very pretty, Terry...I don't know Portland that well, so I don't recognize the place you've photographed. Mt. Tabor maybe?

  3. Did you have a peppermint mocha?! Delish. Beautiful pictures. You have beautiful hair, Teri!

  4. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Where are you walking? I have to get to get to know the great walking trails!!

  5. Gorgeous walk with a friend, followed by Starbuck's, what could be better? I like the new glasses. Jen