Sunday, July 01, 2007

Lazy Sunday

So, this is my second blog post today. I am taking it easy. We've been working hard (see earlier post) and I have a crummy cold, which I think I got from Sofia, who, poor baby, has had a cold and ear infection. She is feeling much better, but I'm not. Yesterday I heard her laugh out loud for the first time. Big guffaw-y "Ha, ha." What a joyful sound. She is a cheerful Charlie.

Here's another Japanese Garden piece. Same size and format as the previous two.
I have had this idea of trying to depict the moon for awhile now. I discharged the circle behind the moon with a bleach pen. I was surprised that it discharged to purple, but it was OK. Below are the littles I made at the same time. My scraps were looking awfully somber, so I dug around and found a piece of orange and purple hand-dye to liven them up a bit. I am noticing there is a lack of any kind of yellow in the littles I've done so far. I need to remedy that. Though I am using up scraps as I work, it is not a rule that I limit myself to only those scraps. Hey, I'm making this project up as I go along. There are no rules!


  1. Oh, Terry--I love your little Japanese pieces. Each one is lovelier than the last. Hope your cold feels better. Baby chuckles are just the thing!

  2. Your japanese pieces keep drawing me back, again and again. I love that moon piece. And I am really loving the littles as well. They're small, but when you show them grouped they really work.

    I had to laugh out loud at the Amish comment, um, yeah, Amish, right. *s* Thanks for the eye candy and the chuckle. And yes, baby giggles are wonderful, second only to the first time they tell a joke giggles, and uproariously joyful toddler giggles. Oh, who am I kidding -- they're all pretty fantatstic! (and think what you have to look forward to!)

  3. Anonymous1:00 AM

    Wow, Terry! Superb!!Your moon is perfect.

  4. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Love the littles, and of course the Japanese quilts are lovely. As for the sniffles, my DH and I went through a period of colds when our children were having their children. A couple of times we got ill enought to visit our doctor and he would just shake his head and say you've been with your grandchildren again. We did eventually build up our immune systems or maybe they just stopped getting colds. Doesn't matter, its just too much fun. Bev

  5. The moon show up luminescent even over the 'net. wow!