Sunday, January 06, 2008

Fly away little birds

I gave two of my birds to Gerrie and Kristin when we got together on Friday. Birds need to fly. I've made a couple more. Here is what I have now.

Three of these little birds will go to blog friends. Remember the "pay it forward" deal? Last July I agreed to make handmade gifts for the first three people who agreed to do likewise and pay it forward. Time to pay up. The first three people to accept the challenge were Delta, Dee and Alice. Email me your mailing addresses and a wee bird will soon be winging your way.

I have been having a lot of fun making these birds. They seem to develop their own personalities as I go along. I have a pattern that I made and each is made from the same pattern, but still they look different. A couple of them have come out with heads cocked to the side. Don't know how that happened, but it gives them a quizzical look. One is a bit cross-eyed. Another will balance only in a semi-squatting position. The wings are all at slightly different angles. When I group them, as above, they really remind me of real birds, with their differences. Good mothers do not have favorites, but I confess I am partial to this one.

It was only as I was sewing him closed after stuffing that I realized that the fabric I used on his underside has little birds printed on it. These are all old fabrics that I have had in my stash for a long time. Maybe that's why he appeals to me. He's the squatter. Ray says he looks like he's getting ready to poop. I think, with his wings raised, he is just flexing and about to take wing. I think this bird will stay here and live in my new house.

I don't think I mentioned that when I finish these birds I am painting them with clear acrylic medium. I have a wonderful stuffed fabric chicken that my friend Muriel gave me. After sitting on a shelf for several years I noticed that it had gotten dull and impregnated with dust. I washed it and then painted it with clear medium and it is now easy to "dust" (when I get around to it) by just shaking it out the back door. It seems to have brightened the colors up too. I think the acrylic also glues all my stitching in place, so the wings are less likely to fall off!

I appreciate the interest in a pattern for the birds. I'm thinking about it.


  1. The birds are most wonderful! I love their look. Great job and lucky recipients.

  2. They are so realistic in their poses. How do you apply acrylic medium? Brush? Spray? Doesn't it soak in? A pattern might do very well with all the birders around.

  3. OMG I'm dancing a happy dance-you don't know how much this means to me to have one of these delightful birds. They remind me of the bird and rice bowl which, as you know, is my very favorite piece EVER. So excited!
    Plotzing in NY-wOOt wOOt

  4. I told you before that I love your birds. Then it came to me. They remind me a little of some the projects your were doing early on in Ashland. Except, these birds are more mature and whimsical.

  5. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Lucky recipients indeed! The birds are delightful.

  6. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Now I see they are sewn and stuffed! Hold off on the pattern I think I get it now... except for the wrapped legs...well maybe I can figure those out too. Your birds are Chirpppppfabulous!! I wonder if I can ...?
    Will check back. :)
    PS you are my idol i think :)

  7. WHOOOOHOOOOO! I am so excited to be one of the recipients! I've read your blog, and admired your work for several years now and can't wait to actually own a piece of your work!

  8. You have a winner... these are absolutely delightful, i bet you could make these to sell. If you lived in Africa, it would be a wonderful idea to train poverty stricken villagers to make and market them to tourists. There are many such empowerment projects here which have made an enormous difference to the lives of women who previously had no hope.

  9. Terry, I've given you a "You make my day" award - see my blog for details.

  10. Anonymous3:39 AM

    I'd love to add my pleas for a pattern, Terry! These little guys enchant me.

  11. I love your birds!!! If you do decide to sell patterns, I would love to buy one! ;)

  12. Please consider making the pattern available! These birds are so charming. I would love to make some.
    Thank you for showing them to us.
    Debbie Babin

  13. I wanted to stop by
    and say how
    gorgeous you birds are!

    ~ Jes