Saturday, January 19, 2008

Same, back at you!

I am sitting here at the computer on this foggy morning and thinking about all the things I need to get caught up on. First on my list is to acknowledge the fellow bloggers that gave me a "You Make My Day!" award. They are Gerrie and Shirley. And I thank you both and send the sentiment back at you. The rules of the game are that I am supposed to name some number of blogs to pass the award along to. Honestly, I couldn't choose, so I just have to say that I have this nice list of blogs that make my day nearly every day. I will mention that my good friend, June, has been doing an artist's residency in Montana for the past two months and her blog has been a special joy to read in her absence. My friend, Carla, moved to the East Coast just over a year ago and her blog keeps her in my life. My daughter, busy as she is, started a blog to post pictures of baby Sofi, mostly for her far away inlaws and friends scattered across the world, but despite the fact that I get to see the real baby nearly every day I still love checking out her newest photos. And the amazing phenomenon of farflung bloggers with whom I have connected, but may have never met, is a daily miracle to me. These include Jane Ann and Kirsty and Suzy and Del and Dee and Kristin (who I actually just got to meet in person) and Deborah and Diane and, and, and... There are so many more and that's the problem with these list things. So I will just say that you all make my day and not burden anyone with the obligation to pass it on, though feel free to do so if you want.

So on to other unfinished chores. Laundry, dishes, housecleaning. Ach. You don't want to hear about this stuff.


  1. Terry, the feeling is mutual. You and your beautiful handiwork and photographic eye often make my day (not to mention the perk of seeing Sofi). It is truly amazing how blogging has opened us up to the world and to some very dear and talented people. And now you've given me links to even more!

    I did the laundry yesterday but the checkbook needs balancing. No fog outside my window, just snow. A fanfic I'm writing needs its final chapters ... my Muse and my readers are getting impatient. Peace.

  2. Terry,

    Your blog keeps me connected to my roots. It also keeps me a little on track. I love seeing your projects and the progress of your house and family. Also, thanks for reminding again of June's blog. It is awesome and I am putting it on my list of favorites. I am so glad I got to meet her before we moved here.

  3. Thanks Terry. I too love the connections with people all over the world, who i have come to think of as friends. Who knows, maybe we will get to sit and chat over a cup of coffee one day! Can't wait to see the finished house!