Sunday, March 09, 2008

It's Good to be Green

“It’s Good To Be Green” Exhibit
Latimer Quilt and Textile Center, Tillamook, Oregon
March 4 to May 4, 2008
Larkin Van Horn, Curator

Here's a detail of my quilt, "Green Thumb" that is part of this show. Today was the artist's reception at the Latimer Quilt and Textile Center in Tillamook.

Larkin invited artists from all over the country to create a piece for this show. She called it her "dream team" and nearly all responded. I am so flattered to have been asked. I'm in very good company. Since Tillamook is a bit out of the way, teetering, as it does, at the far western edge of the continent, the only artists who were able to make it to the reception were those of us within easy driving distance—Larkin and her compatriots from Whidby Island, and the three of us from Portland.
June Underwood, Gerrie Congdon, Me and Larkin Van Horne
Behind us is work by Amy Ropple, Frieda Anderson and Scott Murkin
This is a beautiful show. The three pieces on the right side of the stage are so stunning together you would think they were made to go together. That's Larkin's on the left, Nancy Porter's in the center and Julie Duschack's on the right. The two pieces on the left side of the stage are by Kathy Lichtendahl, left, and Linda Schmidt, right.

Here is Gerrie looking at Susan Shie's piece. It is phenomenal—so much to see and read. My piece is to its right. On the other side are pieces by Jamie Fingal, Sarah Ann Smith, Lyric Kinard and way down at the end, Maggie Hunt. Larkin said she put all the pieces with people in them on this wall.

This is a closeup of the shoes on Jamie Fingal's Girl Scout. We all agreed that if these shoes really existed we wanted a pair!

Jeri Riggs' piece in the foreground, visitors entering the Latimer in the background.

What a wonderful show Larkin has put together. This is but a taste. If you are on the Oregon Coast between now and May 4, be sure you stop by. If you can't make it, you're in luck! Larkin and her talented husband, Van, have put together a CD of the whole show which you can purchase for the very reasonable price of $15. Purchase it here.
You can see more on Gerrie's blog, including a shot of Ray hanging out with the husbands. I think he and Jerry Underwood had a good time thinking up names for the Gerrie, Terry, June, Portland trio. They seem to have a similar sense of humor—it's good fun for the long-suffering loyal spouses who have been to a lot of quilt show receptions!
Thanks for including me, Larkin!


  1. Terry, thanks for posting these! You look beautiful, and the show looks outstanding. It's so great that you could be there. I hope you got video-interviewed!

  2. Great! I wish I could be there. I have been seeing sneak peeks of those shoes, and although I was pretty sure the sty;le of the work wasn't Gerrie's, I kept thing "yeah, but she WOULD wear those shoes -- especialy with lime pants!"

  3. Great pics Terry....and I love your piece!
    Now I'm going to have to get that cd!


  4. Hi Terry,
    Thanks for posting pictures. It looks like a beautiful show and a lovely evening.

  5. Thanks for the photos of the artists gathering! I'm going to try to see the show so tried "not to look" at the quilts ahead of time. ha ha ha! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks so much for posting the pictures and the play by play. I loved seeing it and wish I could have made the cross country trip to be there.

  7. Anonymous6:33 AM

    Hi Terry. Thanks for showing us the Green show! I loved seeing the entrance to the building, which made me feel like I was entering the real space to see the show.
    I wish I could be there with all of you, in a NOW conceptual reception!

    It's so good to see ecology being spotlit. Thanks to all.
    Love, Susan