Saturday, March 01, 2008

Old Clothes

Ray's brother and his wife were here, from Montana, this week. We had a great time. We went to an NBA game and our Portland Trailblazers beat the Lakers in an exciting, close game. We spent time with our darling Sofia. We ate, we drank, we laughed we enjoyed being together, as we always do.

Before they came out, my sister-in-law, Jamie, said she was bringing some "old clothes" to show me. I didn't expect the loveliness she unwrapped.

Our mother-in-law, Bertha, gave these to Jamie several years ago, as she was trying to get rid of stuff. We think they must have belonged to Bertha's mother. Here is a closeup of the bodice of the dress shown above:

All beautifully embroidered, faggotted and tucked. Here's another dress, even prettier.

And the lace on this skirt (or is it a petticoat?) is dreamy.

Two pair of shoes/boots. Jamie modelled. They were just her size—too small for my feet. The leather is still butter soft.

What to do with these? They seem like rare treasures to me, but I don't want them. Jamie wants them out of her house as well. We decided we will offer them to the Idaho Historical Society, as they were from the Boise area. (One of the boots is stamped "Falk's, Boise, Idaho" inside. I remember the old Falk's store from years ago) If they don't want them we're not sure what to do with them. Aren't they wonderful?! They make me think of old photographs from the early 1900's like this one from 1914.


  1. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Terry, I'm gasping!! Those are exquisite. I'm so glad you are giving them to a good home where people like me can lust after them! My daughter and I are both wishing for boots like those :)

  2. Giving them to the Historical Society is a great idea. They know how to take care of them and lots of people will enjoy seeing them. I have a dress of my grandmothers that I am planning to donate to a historical museum too. It has hung in my closet for too long.

  3. Terry,

    These are incredible. I know the Historical Society will gladly receive them. I, too, remember the old Falk's store. You didn't say where the photo was taken but it reminds of Julie Davis Park in Boise.

  4. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Oh, those are wonderful. I would love to have seen them. (I was about to say I'd love to have them--but I am on a no-more-stuff-I-can't-use diet.)The photo is great as well. Looks like a May Day extravaganza. We don't celebrate May Day anymore--such a shame. I'd much rather celebrate flowers and the coming of Spring than to go buy a couch in honor of dead presidents.

  5. Anonymous4:45 AM

    Great display of vintage loveliness. The photo reminds me of Bryn Mawr College on the Main Line of Philadelphia ... May Day was quite an event. Kate Hepburn may have been a part of the sisterhood - not sure.

  6. Boots like that are so fashionable now, especially the grey pair. How incredible that the leather hasn't hardened. That is usually what happens and is so dispiriting. Was the lace handmade? My great aunt had petticoats with lace like this which she had made herself. Lovely stuff!

  7. How lovely. You gotta love those shoes.

  8. The mother-in-law of a friend of mine collected similar vintage clothing, and when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she gave her entire collection to the women's college she had attended, which happens to be in the little town where I live, Gainesville, GA. The now-university, Brenau, set aside one of it's buildings as a vintage clothing museum dedicated to her memory. Perhaps you could find a similar setting for those beautiful pieces! Like you, I love them, but wouldn't have a place for them.


  9. Have you seen this museum, Terry?

    It would be a great place to visit.

    Frances Holliday Alford