Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Paint and fabric

I keep painting . . . and painting . . . and painting at the new house. Remember when I showed you this "before" view of the office?

Here's how it looked today.

I love this cream and mossy green. It doesn't look great with the rosey carpet, but that carpet is temporary.

The doorless closet you see on the right was used as a computer desk/nook by the previous owners and has a very half-baked counter with patched blue formica in it. We have desks we will put into the room, so are going to turn the closet back into a storage closet with shelves. I thought about looking for doors, then decided I might like the softness of a curtain there instead. I had an idea of something quite bold and graphic—maybe one of the great swedish fabrics from IKEA, but when I looked at their fabrics nothing quite grabbed me and nothing really spoke to the green. I know, I do things bass ackwards. Should have chosen the fabric first, then matched the paint to something in it. But I just wanted, wanted that earthy, acidy green. It seemed like the antidote for the sweetness of the pink and blue we were getting rid of. I ran into the Mill End Store (big local fabric store, not really mill ends) and looked at the decorator fabrics, which did not inspire. Then I spotted a bolt of cotton duck in the exact (I mean perfectly exact!) wall colors in a cool stripe. Not at all what I thought I wanted, but totally perfect.

Some days the planets just align and even if you can't always get what you want, if you try sometimes, you just might find that you get what you need.

PS: It was even on sale. 25% off.


  1. Oooh, aahhh. Very, very nice! Great score on the fabric, too - you gotta love serendipity.

    Oh, and thanks for the song stuck in my head now..... (!)

  2. Aha - perfect! And the room is shaping up nicely. Want to come and do mine when you're through?

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  4. wow, what an improvement to the room! I never noticed the great flushmount fixture in the room, but now it stands out and looks really nice with the earthy green color!

  5. Wow...the room is totally transformed! It looks very nice - and the fabric is perfect. Enjoy your new space!

  6. Thanks for the gratuitous Rolling Stones link! The room is shaping up nicely.

  7. You know I am loving that green. I sometimes do the fabric thing backward, too.

  8. Love those colors, and yes, that fabric is just perfect!