Sunday, January 18, 2009

At the end of the day

It is good to come to the end of a day with a head full of music and celebration and beautiful images.

We took the train downtown to see Slumdog Millionaire this afternoon, then we came home and watched the Obama celebration on HBO.

Beautiful, amazing movie. Like me, you've probably heard all the praise for this movie and maybe, like me, wondered what could be so great about a poor kid that somehow ends up on a TV game show. Sounded almost silly to me. I can't even begin to tell you what this movie is really about. You have to go see it and I promise you will see stunning photography and hear glorious music, but more you will experience a story cleverly and intricately constructed and tragic and joyful and beautiful. Don't wait to rent it. You want to see it on a big screen. I am totally in love with this movie. (And don't leave before the closing credits.)

Did you see the Obama celebration show? What a thrill it would have been to be in that huge crowd at the Lincoln Memorial, even as cold as it appeared to be.

Lots of great performances, lots of good feeling and patriotic pride. Just look at Pete Seeger in his jaunty cap. He's 89 years old and belting out "This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land" which seems to have more meaning than ever. Inaugurations are always grand affairs and I am always moved by the ritual of the peaceful transition of power, but this one coming up feels like all that and joyous celebration. I'm planning to watch every second of it.


  1. Normally I don't see the film if I have read the book and vice versa but I might see this one out fo curiosity as to how they film it. The book was, of necessity because of its premise, a little over structured I thought. At the monent I am unemploye dto morro w- normally a cause of angst. I hope ist stays that way so I can defintaley be in for the inauguration coverage!

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing this movie. My son raved about it.
    The P-mate is hilarious and an oh so useful aid for those with penis envy.

  3. Anonymous6:25 AM

    We went to see it yesterday too! It is truly a good movie. I don't say that lightly as we've been to two others since Christmas, one of which I could have gotten by without ever seeing and the other I could have waited to rent. I found myself with tears at the end even though it ended fairly happily. Found myself wondering what a guy growing up as he did would do with all that money and whether it would enhance his happiness or not.

  4. Slumdog is on our must see list too. We saw Gran Torino yesterday....Clint Eastwood has never been a favorite of mine, but the story behind this flick is a good one too!
    My mind, heart and soul are bursting with thoughts of hope and new and positive things for our country. We have been dragged down to an all-time low over the past eight years, and it is time to regain our good old American spirit, self respect, dignity and drive!! Enjoy!!!


  5. What a great event! This land is your land was written by Woody Guthrie who, during the depression, was given money by one of FDR's programs to travel the country and write music about what was going on around the country. I loved that he put artists to work and paid them do what they did best. They say Obama's ideas will be similar. Let's hope so. The energy is good. Maybe we will all be singing that song.

  6. We loved this movie, and the closing credits were hysterical. I have had a trip planned to India for the last few years, but the timing is always off. This movie renewed the longing I have to experience a wonderful, tragic country.

  7. Thanks for the movie recommendation. I already had it on our Netflix queue, but we'll try to catch it while it's still in theaters. I'm an inveterate watcher-of-credits; you never know what they might sneak in there.

    As for the inauguration, Jer and I were glued to the TV for the concert. Having Pete come out for the finale was a perfect touch. We were on the verge of tears several times during the show. I loved that Barack and Michelle knew so many of the words, and sang along. Clearly they were enjoying themselves, too!

    We'll be up and watching tomorrow, too. Along with hope I have a tremendous feeling of relief.

  8. As usual, I've been in a TV blackout -- I need to turn teh thing on because the concept of Pete Seeger and The Boss singing folk songs together gets me all excited. I would have loved to have seen that. OK, off to check YouYube for the recap! (Oh, and Slumdog Millionare is on my list -- now I'll definitely have to make the effort to see it.)

  9. i must get to see Slumdog.. and i did watch that concert, it was wonderful and i kept tearing up... i'll be watching a lot of the inauguration tomorrow!