Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Missing in Action

Did you wonder where I was? Delaware, that's where. We have been visiting friends here and seeing the sights. Never been here before so it has been a good adventure. I thought I would be writing blog entries, but honestly, it is such a pain when I am sharing Ray's computer, trying to download photos on a different computer, etc. So, it isn't happening so much. But I'll be home soon and catch you up on everything!Meanwhile, here are some pictures from Milton Delaware. This is a tiny town, but world famous as the home of Dogfish Head Brewery, where our friend, Bill, works. We took the brewery tour yesterday and tasted some of their beers. Mostly really good. Only one I had to dump in the "bucket of shame" during the tasting part of the tour.

Besides beer-tasting, we have enjoyed the beautiful weather and charming little towns. This is a real agricultural area. A visit to a farm stand alongside the road produced the pictures below.


  1. You're right up the road from me. Too bad you couldn't include a visit to DC in your itinerary!

  2. The Laundry King is very envious!

  3. You are in my stomping grounds! I was born in Delaware and still have family there.